Live Music at Peri's



Peri’s Tavern features an array of local and touring bands showcasing diverse genres of music. Our 40-foot bar, which dates back to 1948, adds historical charm to the music scene here at Peri’s. In addition to the main stage and bar, we offer multiple spaces, such as an outdoor garden, billiards, and a covered patio. No matter the weather, we have the perfect place to welcome you.

Origin Story of Peri's

This building has been in the Peri family for over 75 years, making it a fourth-generation family-owned establishment. But this isn’t really the beginning. For that, you have to go back another twenty-five years. Peri’s has been serving the community of Fairfax and the Bay Area for over 100 years.

The original Peri’s was a few doors up Broadway and owned by Andy Peri. He was also the chief of police which is especially worth noting because this was during the time of Prohibition. Charles A. (Chuck) Peri owned The Varsity Club. It was close to what is now Bank Street, In business from 1923-1927, it too was active in Prohibition. In time these two establishments would combine and move to our current location here at 29 Broadway. If we take all of this into account Peri’s Tavern has been a part of the Fairfax community for 100 years.

History of Peri's Silver Dollar

Peri’s Silver Dollar was established in the 1930s by Charles Peri Sr. to provide a homey and welcoming atmosphere of camaraderie. It was and still is, the place to enjoy a cold drink or a hot cup of Joe–a place to relax. Today the Peri family prides themselves in continuing the tradition of maintaining a comfortable and inviting place to come to.  

Micheal Peri and his wife, Francine Peri keep the torch burning, a torch which was lit more than 90 years ago by his grandfather, Charles E. Peri and maintained by his father, Charles A. (Chuck) Peri.

Many patrons over the years have found solace within its walls, from conversation with friendly, knowledgeable mixologists, while cocktails and beers are being served, to the live music and the down-home feeling it provides. Peri’s has become a hip, fun, local music hot spot, providing music from national and local bands, from hard rock to rock, blues, country, reggae and jazz, and theatrics galore. We have weekly open mic and create celebrations, events, and fundraisers that serve the community of Fairfax.

Peri's Tavern Today

Our main patio is a wonderful place to hang out and watch the town go by. It is where we host our weekend ‘Music On the Patio‘ series Friday-Sunday afternoons, and it showcases acoustic acts from bluegrass to rock to folk.

Our amazing Backyard Garden is where you can go have one of our tasty drinks under the trees or have great conversations with strangers and friends alike. It’s the perfect place to just chill out amidst the redwoods and roses.

Inside is our main stage, featuring great music and an intimate dance floor. Here you can let your hair down and rock out within hand’s reach of some of the greatest musicians who have graced our stage. The snap of a cue stick against a pool ball echoes through the air, and several TVs, as well as a projector and screen, offer music, sports, or game entertainment.

Peri’s Tavern–The Silver Dollar is a gathering place for meeting new and old friends, and it has become a mainstay business with deep ties to the community which it serves. This special institution, old in its tradition yet young in its vibe, is the place to be on weekends, with dancing, great music, fun people, and a good feeling all around.

So, if you ever find yourself in Fairfax, California, in the redwood canyons at the foot of majestic Mount Tamalpais, be sure to ‘tie your horse up’ to one of the oldest hitching posts in the West here at Peri’s.


We will provide custom experiences for large groups at our bar or on one of our outdoor patios. Please contact us using the form on our events page.


Check our FAQ list before you call! We have put together a list of the most common questions so check it out. Your answer is waiting for you.